semantics and music : a new website
From: Susan Cantrick
16.12.2007 14:46:12
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The children of the late Robert B. Cantrick (emeritus professor of music at Buffalo State College), wish to bring to your attention a Web site featuring the ground-breaking scholarly work our father had been working on for many years prior to his death last year:  "Semantics of Music Scholarship: Concepts True of All Music".  This work merits the attention of those with an interest in the intersection of music and semantics. 

More specifically, Robert Cantrick's focus was on the semantics of music scholar's language, not on the "semantics of music". Cantrick's primary objective was to render the language of music scholarship more precise and thus more meaningful.  We invite you to take a look at the Web site:

which offers a précis of Cantrick's innovative theory, displays
the preface and introduction to his two-volume work, and also provides
background on his professional career and publications.

If clicking on the above URL does not turn up the site, it simply means that the link has expired.  In that case, either copy and paste the link or type it into your browser.


Susan Cantrick
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