music and virtual reality
From: Luc Nijs
07.08.2008 18:19:16
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I'm a student in philosophy and just finished my masters dissertation on the relationship between musician and musical instrument.

Having read Marc Leman's latest book "Embodied Music Cognition and Mediation Technology" (2007, MIT Press), I was very interested in what he calls "the virtual world of moving sonic forms".

To investigate this I used research on Presence & Social Presence, flow experienc and tool use. Books and articles which mention virtuality and music are a.o.: Benson (2003), Echard(2006), Eitan & Granot (2006), Leman (2007).
For full references, see (choose "literature" in the menu)

I think that experiencing flow while performing leads to the transcending (in the subjective experience of the musician) of the "actual world" of the performing situation into a virtual world of sounding music. During a flow experience the musician is feeling present in this virtual musical reality.
I also think that this virtual world finds its matrix in what I call the inner image of the music which is constructed during preparation.

Can You share your thoughts on this with me? Maybe recommend me some literature?

Thank You very much and kind regards,