Re: "Music and Metaphor"
From: Luc Nijs
07.08.2008 23:11:26
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Hi Roger,

I justed posted a message wich is in line with yours.
I'm doing research on music and virtual reality.

The starting point was Marc Leman's notion of "virtual world of moving sonic forms". I think You might find his book very interesting. He writes about the corporeal way of understanding the intentions in/of/behind the music. The "moving sonic forms" are interpreted as the actions of a virtual agent by ways of articulating them on the basis of an action oriented ontology.

Starting from Leman, I used research on Presence,Social Presence and flow experience.
I've written a chapter on this in my masters dissertation which is about the relationship between musician and musical instrument. You can allways take a look at
After august 20th I will start translating my text in English. Maybe I can send it to You and we can talk about it.

I will certainly read Snyder and your text. For now I've just read it through but I will read it thoroughly and maybe post some comments.

Kind regards,

> Hello everyone, I've been snooping around this forum for a while and have found a lot of interesting information and ideas. I recently adapted a presentation I made in school into an article on my blog and would love to get some feedback about it.
> It is heavily based on the book Music and Memory by Bob Snyder, which I use as a launchpad to define a few of my own terms that best sum up my experience of music. I'm particularly into the idea of music creating a space and place, lets say "landscape", as well as different components in a piece of music that can be seen as organisms living within that space.