JMM9 Online - in a Brand New Format
From: Søren Rosenlund Frimodt-Møller
30.01.2011 15:39:17
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After months of intense work, we are proud to present JMM9, the new issue of JMM. In fact, we are are also presenting an entirely new format for for the journal.

The new main page for JMM can be found at A redirect will be established very soon, such that typing will lead you to the new main page.

The new issue itself, JMM9, can be found directly at, but we recommend that you also check out the aforementioned new main page.

The new format will make it possible for us to publish articles as they become ready, rather than publishing entire issues in one fell swoop.

We hope you will enjoy reading!

Best regards,

On behalf of the Editorial Staff,

Søren R. Frimodt-Møller, Managing Editor