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From: Nisha
03.05.2006 05:04:40
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What an Amazing and Relieving Site! I had a lot of stress and depression. But when i visited the site and heard the sonic sound i got relaxed. Even after Buying Music Therapy CDs' I got what the life is all about...

This one of a kind, musical & spoken word collection of exciting audio presentations combines the scientific attributes of being informative, yet relaxing, as well as being contemporary & unique while appealing to each human with the simplicity of sound. Fractal music instrumental vibration resonance sculptures, love poems & Christian music, alternative medicine health information, spoken word, super learning, home study, guided meditation, self healing, relaxation techniques & music therapy audio presentations are available to secure online order 24/7 - worldwide with the option to buy postage paid cd’s or digital music downloads on the menu.

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