Re: Interpretation or transmission?
From: Brendan Whornae
27.09.2006 04:56:49
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> I have recently been researching into views on whether it is the composers right to have their music performed without interference or whether its the performers right to use the music to express themselves. I am interested on other peoples views on the matter. There is obviously a give and take on this but I was trying to imagine that I had to be of one opinion or the other.
> Has anyone any ideas?

I would be very interested to hear your views on this age old question. Im in agreement with Roland Barthes, on his "Death of the Author" paper. Being a composer and a performer myself I figure that, what they don't know, can't hurt them. The composers ability lies not in his ability to produce something out of nothing, but to recycle the cultural fabric that has nurtured him into something more intelligable so that others don't have to sift through the mountains of sometimes unintelligable noteheads. But there lies the problem. Music I dont believe is meant to be precise. You can't hold it in your hand therefore, in practical terms you can't own it. Like owning something is a good thing anyway.

I think its enough just to give the composer credit for their efforts where credit is due.