Re: Re: musical instrument as extension of the bod
From: Luc
20.10.2006 07:50:47
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Hello Azzurra,

thanks for your reply. Sorry for my rather late answer to you.
What an interesting link: linguistics, body & music. I've read some articles on the origins of music and the ongoing debate between language and music (which was first?....
Interesting for that matter is Ernst Cassirer and his "Philosophy of symbolic forms" where, in the first book, he treats the bodily origins of language.

Me to, I think that the instrument you play should become a part of yourself(body & consciousness). I think this is a rather slow process. Even as a professional musician I have moments where its difficult to attain this becoming one with my instrument.
I hope my research will enable me to develop some pedagogic materials to enhance this process.

Of course I'm interested in Italian studies. Nationality doesn't matter, content does. So if you have some interesting texts, you can always send them to me.
My emailadress is: info[at]
I can do the same for you.

I'm reading an interesting book now. Its called "Embodied music cognition". The author is Marc Leman. He's the promotor of my thesis. The book isn't in print yet but it will be available I think in the beginning of 2007. But I'm not sure.

Kind regards,

> Hi Luc, i'm a student in Linguistics at the University L'Orientale in Naples, and i'm a musician too. I'm interested about your research, cause my final thesis will focus on the relation between body and music. I think your thesis very interesting, and i don't know if it's because i play the clarinet, as you, but i think that the instrument IS an extension of my body when i'm playing. Just like the voice for the singer is something that is inside, and at the same time is outside, everywhere. But this only is my personal view.
> If you want I can look for some texts that maybe you should find useful for your research. But i don't know if you're interested about italian studies.
> Bye,
> Azzurra De Francesco