Re: musical instrument as extension of the body
From: Tim Janz
30.12.2006 00:24:06
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> Hello!
> I'm a student in Philosophy at the University of Ghent(Belgium). I'm also a professional musician(clarinet).
> I would like to do research on the view that the musical instrument could/should become an extension of the musician's body.
> Can someone recommend me some literature that might be interesting for my research?
> Thank You very much,
> Luc  Nijs

I am a professional flute player, composer and theory instructor. While I am not aware of any literature on the subject, I am certain that the body acts as a resonator for instruments, especially wind instruments. The air column is continuous and I know that it has been demonstrated that the air column resonates out past the end of the flute tube, so why not the mouth, throat and lungs as well. With flute and piccolo I know that the high partials resonate in the sinuses as well. Ever wondered why your instrument sounds so dull when you have a cold and your sinuses are plugged? It is not just your ears, it is the physics of resonance.

Tim Janz
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