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JMM 5, Summer 2007, section 2


5th International Symposium on Computer Music Modeling and Retrieval
CMMR 2008 - Genesis of Meaning in Sound and Music
Copenhagen, Denmark, May 19-23, 2008


The field of computer music is interdisciplinary by nature and closely related to a number of areas in computer science and engineering. The first CMMR ( gatherings mainly focused on information retrieval, programming, digital libraries, hypermedia, artificial intelligence, acoustics and signal processing.

In 2005 CMMR started moving towards a more interdisciplinary view of the field by putting increased emphasis on the investigation of the role of human interaction at all levels of musical practice.

CMMR 2007 focused on the Sense of Sounds from the synthesis and retrieval point of view and encouraged studies that linked sound modeling by analysis-synthesis to perception and cognition.

CMMR 2008 seeks to enlarge upon the Sense of Sounds-concept by taking into account the musical structure as a whole. More precisely, the workshop will have as its theme Genesis of Meaning in Sound and Music. The purpose is hereby to establish rigorous research alliances between computer and engineering sciences (information retrieval, programming, acoustics, signal processing…) and areas within the humanities (in particular perception, cognition, musicology, philosophy…), as well as to globally address the notion of sound meaning and its implications in music, modeling and retrieval. As a step in this direction, NTSMB, the Network for Cross-Disciplinary Studies of Music and Meaning ( and JMM: The Journal of Music and Meaning ( will be joining as participants in CMMR 2008.

CMMR 2008 invites researchers, educators, composers, performers, and others with an interest in important aspects of computer music (including modeling, retrieval, analysis, and synthesis) to come join us for a unique event.

CMMR 2008 is organized by Re:New – Digital Arts Forum which also organizes a concurrent festival with the theme Genesis of Meaning in Digital Art.

An award for the best paper dealing with the theme of the conference - Genesis of Meaning in Sound and Music - will be given under the auspices of The Journal of Music and Meaning (

All papers will be reviewed by the program committee. Publication of accepted papers after the symposium as a post-event proceedings in the Springer Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) Series is planned.

Re:New 2008 encourages submissions relating to artistic work as there will also be possibilities of presenting art-works during the conference week. This includes music, cross-modal performances, installations, and other forms, and art-work submissions are made using a separate submission form.


Original contributions on the following (and other relevant) topics are encouraged:

auditory perception and cognition
  • psychoacoustics
  • music perception and cognition
  • ecological acoustics
  • timbre models
  • sound modeling
  • emotions
user interfaces for music
  • human computer interaction
  • virtual reality interaction
philosophy, culture and psychology
  • relationship between music and emotions
  • ontological status of the musical work in the context of computer music
  • investigation of mental processes at work when musicians perform
  • influence of instant access to any music on both local and global culture
  • music and memory
infrastructures for music
  • music digital libraries modeling
  • representation and language modeling
  • distributed system infrastructures
indexing and retrieval of music
  • metadata
  • standards
  • protocols
  • query languages
  • advanced information retrieval
structuring of music data
  • hypermedia
  • structural computing
collaboration on music
  • computer supported cooperative work
analysis, recognition, comparison, classification, and modeling of music
  • audio representations
  • pattern recognition
  • signal processing
  • algorithmics
  • parsing
mining and visualizing music
  • data mining
  • visualization
synthesis and/or composition of music
  • synthesis models
  • automated composition
  • audio coding
  • spatialization
performance of music
  • interaction models
  • sensors and data capturing
  • live multimedia performances
  • audience engagement
  • gestures and embodiment
artificial intelligence/life for music
  • real-time performance systems
  • autonomous agents in music
  • multi agents systems in music
  • simulated behavior

The symposium will be structured in a traditional manner with paper, poster and demo sessions.

Papers should be submitted online at the CMMR 2008 submission page where the template required for formatting is provided.

Submissions may have any of the following forms:

  • Short Paper (4 pages maximum in Proceedings, 20 minutes presentation)
  • Long Paper (8 pages maximum in Proceedings, 30 minutes presentation)
  • Poster (4 pages maximum in Proceedings)
  • Demo (1 pages maximum in Proceedings)


Full papers dueFebruary 15, 2008
Short papers dueFebruary 15, 2008